Welcome to More Than A Fantasy Publishing.

At More Than A Fantasy, we publish clean fiction books with themes of depression and hope.

About the Name

More Than A Fantasy comes from Mariah K. Porter’s slogan, “Hope Can Be More Than a Fantasy.” At our publishing house we believe in the ability of fiction to provide safe refuge from those affected by mental illness, and we strive to provide entertainment that does so.

Meet the Team

Mariah K. Porter currently works as Managing Editor, Content Editor, Line Editor, Graphic Content Creator, and everything else. She outsources book covers and formatting. Mariah has struggled with severe depression and anxiety for as long as she can remember and strives to fill the aching loneliness for others through her work.


More Than A Fantasy unofficially began when Mariah K. Porter published her first novella in October 2019. She has since published two more novellas and a booklet on Amazon. In July 2020 she realized she could not do enough good in the world on her own, so she started this company in order to create a wider array of options to bring hope to those in need.


Where are your books available?

Currently our books are only available on Amazon and through KU. We have plans to go wide in the future and make our books available with other retailers such as the iBook store.

How do I get you to publish my book?

Please visit the Contact page and follow instructions there. We have a different format for our query letters.

Why is your query process different?

We are looking to fulfill a very specific niche, and we believe this niche requires more than just books. This niche needs influencers and good role models. Think of our query process as a job interview. We’re looking to put together a qualified team of authors and influencers.

Are the people working at More Than A Fantasy affected by mental illness?

Author and Manager Mariah K. Porter has suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as she can remember. She created this company to better serve people like her so that others don’t have to feel so alone.

Where can I turn if I’m feeling extra hopeless?

If you need more help than a book can give you, please reach out to a real person who can help. You can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you feel you have no one. I know it may be impossible to believe, but you are loved and your life does matter. Tremendously so.