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How I’m Becoming A Better Publisher

You might have your concerns about publishing with me because of my limited experience publishing books. Good! You should be concerned. And you should do your research. Don’t go with any random spazz off the internet just because they tell you you won’t pay a dime–or worse, you’ll pay them to publish your book. (Please, don’t ever, ever do that. Those are called vanity publishers and they’re basically scams.)

So, since you’re obviously giving me a chance, I’ll take a couple minutes to back my case.

Just as I believe you should be concerned and do your research before choosing a publisher, I believe that I should be concerned and do my research with every single step of the publishing process. Especially as I’m starting out, and especially when I don’t have a lot of experience with that realm of publishing before. I know how to publish books on Amazon. I know how to register ISBNs and why they’re important. I know how to run advertisements and write blurbs and put together images that get people’s attention. But there’s still a lot I don’t know, and I am constantly trying to fill in those holes.

Here’s what I’m doing to fill in my knowledge gaps right now.

First of all, I’m attending college! Right now I am working on a Bachelor’s of Professional Studies at BYU-Idaho online. This school has some spiritually intense classes, and as a result they’re also heavy on the personal development. That alone is making a huge impact on me and how I’m applying what I learn. And while “Professional Studies” may sound like a synonym for “general degree”, oh, it is so not. It’s actually very specified. The really cool thing about this degree is I get to customize it with the certificates (1/4 degrees, basically) that I deem most relevant to me. As a result, I am gaining mini educations in Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, and Marriage, Family, and Human Relations. Each of these play a huge part on different roles of being the manager of a publishing company.

Not only that, but I’m doing research on my own. Blog articles, YouTube videos, real experience with my own books–I’m doing all I can with the time I have to make sure that I do your book no disservices. I want to be the very best at this job and I will continually be working at that.

There’s so much more that’s going to change as I learn more. I’d like to expand my knowledge into things like market trends, pure effectiveness through keywords, and being able to work with our graphic designer(s) to make the best cover to attract the right readers. I’m certain that as I learn more, even more will pop up to be learned. I’m going to try to master it all, and I look forward to it.

The question now is, what are you doing? Have you set up your platform as a social media influencer/mental health advocate? Have you been learning how to advertise so that you can help make your own books make money? Or are you just starting out? Here at More Than A Fantasy, you won’t just be an author. You’ll be part of the family. I look forward to teaching you everything I know as we work together to get your book to the readers who need it.

For now, I hope you know that you are loved and that you matter. Have a wonderful day!