The Hope Stamp

Here at More Than A Fantasy Publishing, we have an ongoing project called “The Hope Stamp.”

First, know that the books we publish here have to match certain criteria. They must be clean (rated the equivalent of PG-13 or less), include at least one character with an arc related to mental illness, and inspire hope in regards to said mental illness. Preferably, they’ll be chapter books for middle grade readers or up. All of our books automatically have ‘the Hope Stamp’.

“The Hope Stamp” is our figurative stamp of approval awarded to other books by other authors, from other publishers, that match the criteria our own books must have.

The purpose of this project is to provide even more books for likeminded readers who appreciate what we put out. We know we’ll never publish books fast enough for a lot of readers on our own, after all!

If you have a book you’d like to submit to The Hope Project, please email us at with “The Hope Project” and the name of the book in the subject line. We will read and ‘stamp’ these books at our own discretion when we can. Books we can get ahold of for free will take priority, just because our budgets are likely as limited as yours.

We will also attempt to post reviews of these books whenever we can with narratives on how the book approaches mental illness.

Hopefully this is something that will benefit all of us! We certainly believe in this project.