What You Need to Know

The query process for More Than A Fantasy Publishing is different. Here’s how.

First of all,

You Don’t Need An Agent.

That’s right. Polish your manuscript and send it to us yourself!

Query Guidelines

Your query letter should contain:

  • one paragraph describing what your book is about; the usual query letter content, only condensed
  • one paragraph about how your book addresses mental illness
  • one paragraph about how you advocate for mental health as a social media influencer (don’t worry, you don’t have to have a long history or a lot of ideas yet)
  • one paragraph about your literary successes, if you have any (don’t worry about this part if not)

Your query letter may be up to two pages long, but please do not send us one longer than that. As long as it is organized, edited, and makes sense, the specific layout does not matter.

We are a relaxed company, so don’t worry too much about it!

Your query email should also include

  • links to any social media accounts you run where you advocate for mental health
  • a word or pdf document with the first 4,000 words of your book

Send your query to


Currently Accepting

*all books must be clean*

clean: limited swearing, no f-bombs, no graphic scenes of any kind, and the rest is up to the discretion of the editing team

Genres and Age Categories:

  • Fantasy MG, YA, or Adult
  • Sci-Fi MG, YA, or Adult
  • Dystopian MG, YA, or Adult
  • Contemporary MG, YA, or Adult

If you have questions, you may contact us at mariahkporter.author@gmail.com.